About Me:

I'm Philip Whealy

I will help transform your life, business, finances, church, and relationships using advanced coaching techniques, teaching, music and comedy.

I have over 20 years’ experience teaching, coaching, inspiring and developing leadership, having spoken, trained and performed to audiences of up to 11,000 around the world. I currently lead and coach a team of nearly 1100 sales reps working with one of the UK’s leading FTSE 250 companies.

As a professional level musician/composer I also use music in my coaching. The science underlying music’s ability to transform people’s lives, enhance health, work and relationships and transform leadership culture and profitability is breathtaking.

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I’m a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in TV and film production, the psychology of story-telling and brand building, direct sales and real estate. Prior to this I was a senior London medical lawyer with expertise in the psychology of dispute resolution, human motivation, negotiation and risk management. Over nearly a decade I began my study of the human mind and body and worked with some of the leading medical experts in the world, covering aspects of psychology, anatomy, physiology, and forensic pathology through post-mortem and surgical attendances.

I’m a British-Canadian national who splits his time between N America, UK and Europe.

I’ve been married to my first and only wife, Rachel, also a fully accredited Coach, for nearly 30 years, and we have 3 beautiful children. I enjoy making music, cooking (toast), skiing, and Parkour (mostly during REM sleep).

About You:

You have reached the point that change is no longer optional.

You long to be the most exceptional CEO, manager, entrepreneur, husband, wife, pastor, performer, musician, human being you can be and to leave a mark on this world when you finally leave.

Things need to shift now, whether that be to double your profits, become a highly effective leader, just de-stress, laugh, cry and be entertained, or to organise the most impactful and memorable corporate keynote to reinforce your Board’s messaging.

You’re tired of the same old results and you know there are still areas where you are not in a state of mastery, whether they be business, finance, character related, or touching on your relationships, health and happiness.



You’ve only scratched the surface of your potential for impact, contribution and fulfilment and need a skilled coach to take you to the next level.