If you’re an individual needing dramatic change in your business or personal life, then come and discover what all leaders in every walk of life have discovered:

the game changing power of having a great coach whose sole objective is to see you develop your strengths and enjoy a supremely fulfilled life.

Employing a highly skilled coach and mentor is essential if you are to achieve permanent results beyond the limits of your current beliefs.

Pavarotti, Roger Federer, Hugh Jackman, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs all have or had coaches.


Peter Callomon

“I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Philip has been and still is an outstanding coach/mentor to me and my business.”


Peter Callomon  │  Financial Advisor - London, UK



You have reached a watershed and know that change is now non-negotiable.

  • You may be the CEO of a multi-national, a Sales Director or an entrepreneur with less than 50 employees.
  • You are all about growth – business and personal
  • You care deeply about your business and the people you work with and serve

You realise the need for dramatic change within your organisation, the various levels of leadership you oversee, corporate culture and the ultimate profitability of your business.


You realise that you need sustainable personal change to enhance your performance as a leader, thus improving your profitability, effectiveness, people skills and ability to drive change.


Philip’s corporate experience as a senior London lawyer and serial entrepreneur, coupled with >25 years of experience in public speaking, training and world class musical performance to audiences as large as 11,000, have given him unique insights into human behaviour and the challenges facing corporate leaders and their teams.

He creates revelational self-awareness and explosive change in organisations and individuals. He is a world class composer and musician using neuro-psychological breakthroughs in the benefits  of music in problem solving/ improvisation (in business, life + music), performance, interpersonal skills and creativity, all woven into high impact coaching techniques.






Helping Network Marketers, who are struggling to recruit and sell, to build massive teams and become top 1% earners.



Philip has built a top 1% organisation with a leading FTSE 250 UK services based direct selling company and knows every single struggle you are having.

  • You want to be a top earner in your company
  • You need a coach who has been there and done that
  • You have had some early successes, but that extra edge eludes you
  • You’re frustrated trying to motivate your team and create powerful team culture


Wayne Abbott

“Philip is inspirational and he has helped me hugely in both business and life. If you want to grow a massive team and learn the secrets the top leaders know, then I thoroughly recommend that you take Philip on as a coach.”

Wayne Abbott  Network Marketing Professional


Philip builds leaders who can build massive teams and life changing incomes:

  • Low to middle ranking in your organisation? Philip will teach you the secrets of the top 1% earners and the mind-set that helped him create a retirement level income
  • High ranking but struggling to break into the elite ranks? Philip will teach you how to overcome recruiting challenges, fear, self-doubt, demotivation
  • Learn how to light a fire within, not under your team

Master the elite art of coaching people to find their deep WHY and create massive momentum