Colin Cleminson,
“As an ex-professional football player, entrepreneur, church pastor and singer/performer of over 40 years’ experience, I know talent, heart and professionalism when I see it. I have worked with multiple great musicians and coaches, but not one has had the skill and ability to touch the heart the way Philip Whealy does. If you need inspiration, project management, coaching and leadership development … and laughter ‘till it hurts … hire him immediately.”

Corporate Coaching:  “I first worked with Philip in 2007 when orchestrating, studio recording and conducting his original epic musical, The Father. Having worked closely together, I can say that Philip displays great intelligence, competence, professionalism and skill in developing leadership teams and clearly understands corporate culture and the power of a common vision. He is obviously passionate about organisational culture, vision and effectiveness and I would recommend his services without hesitation.

Project Management Consultancy: His abilities as a Project Manager, speaker, leadership mentor, lyricist and composer are outstanding. I watched Philip pull together an extremely complex live production like clockwork. He was in total command at all times and led a very large team, covering all areas of leadership - lighting, cameras, audio, stage hands, musicians, et - and also managed to perform in the event personally. Very impressive. He knows what he's doing.


Jim Gray conducting the Nashville Symphony Orchestra


Musicianship:  If you require caliber musicianship, entertainment or other musical based input, or any form of consultancy for events, team cohesion or stage production, then I recommend that you bring Philip in. I have worked on studio recordings with him here in Nashville, TN, with players from the Nashville Symphony. He is a wonderful pianist and composer with great sensitivity and professionalism and his ability to pull complex events together whilst keeping the heart of the performance at the fore is exceptional.  

I strongly recommend him to any organisation needing team building, individual leadership development, complex event management consultancy, or corporate entertainment."

Sara Hillman
Sara Hillman Business Owner
“I have employed Philip as a coach and have attended some of his incredible events. He’s a great speaker who is not just able to command an audience whilst coaching and teaching but is also seriously entertaining.  I couldn’t recommend anyone else for leadership or business mind-set coaching.”
D Latham
“Philip Whealy’s work is world class … “ 
Howard Conder
“I have known Philip for over 17 years and his project management and leadership development skills are exceptional. He is also a top flight composer and speaker with great sensitivity for the needs of his clients …”
Liz Hague
Liz Hague Business Owner
"I’ve just spent a day at one of Philip’s live speaking events. I'm going home now to make enquiries about joining a local community choir! How's that for a complete turnaround in self-belief?!!!"
Joy Parke
Joy Parke Entrepreneur
“Philip’s programmes are worth 4 or 5 times the cost. His coaching has changed my life, my leadership and  my business. It has honed my skills to be the best leader I can be.”
Ms J Jones
" ... Philip’s coaching has had a profound effect on my thinking. I recommend his coaching to any serious leader."
Mrs Julie Davies
"He has given me hope for the future. Philip is an incredible coach, musician and public speaker.  Not only have his techniques blown my mind but I have laughed until the tears ran down my cheeks! I’ll never forget it."
Nicola Jennings
Nicola Jennings Business Owner
Meeting Philip literally saved my life. I was suicidal, having had a mental break down, with anxiety, depression, panic attacks and a cancer scare, but Philip’s coaching and personal development enabled me to set up my own successful business and become the leader I am today. I will be forever grateful for all the help and coaching he has given me and I strongly recommend you invest in one of his programmes.”
Dan Hopes
“Philip is an amazing coach. If you want to change your life, your business, your leadership skills or your relationships, then Philip is the man you need to employ. If it hadn’t been for his coaching during the 1st year of my business I would not be where I am today and would not have the communication skills, self-awareness, confidence … or the income.”
John Holden
“Philip is an exceptional speaker, coach and mentor who understands the process you need to be successful. Should you be fortunate enough to work with Philip and his team, you are guaranteed success providing you follow the advice and training; then do the activity.If you need to find your mojo, direction and understanding to create success on any level of business or personal life style, you must do must do one of his programs. I couldn’t recommend Philip’s coaching more strongly."
Rachel Jamieson
Rachel Jamieson TV & Film Score Composer
“Philip is gifted at developing leaders and inspiring and encouraging those around him. He is also a highly talented project manager, able to coordinate complex events to produce consistently world-class results. A few years ago I was involved with a major musical event that Philip produced and was deeply impressed at how he managed all aspects of a major production, including costume, contracting an orchestra, DVD post-production, etc.  He’s also one of the funniest guys I know!”